Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall
LDS Temple
Image by AaronLMGoodwin
The Salt Lake Assembly Hall is a Victorian Gothic congregation hall. Rough granite walls are laid out in cruciform style making the hall’s exterior look like a small gothic cathedral. Twenty-four spires mark the perimeter of the building’s footprint and a tower rises from the intersection of the floor plan’s apparent crucifix. The cruciform layout is complemented by Stars of David circumscribed high above each entrance. These symbolize an LDS perception that they are a re-gathering of Biblical Tribes of Israel.

However, the deceptively gothic exterior conceals a more modern interior lacking vaulted ceilings.

Although built of granite rock from the same quarry as the Salt Lake City Temple, the Assembly Hall’s unhewn exterior looks much different. The stones for the Assembly Hall were not cut as exactingly as the Temple’s. This accounts for the building’s dark, rough texture and the broader masonry joints between stones.

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