Mormon Temple Hong Kong China

Mormon Temple Hong Kong China
LDS Temple
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President of the Mormon Church, Gordon B. Hinckley, announced that there would be a Mormon Temple in Hong Kong in 1992. However, finding a place in which to build would be the obstacle. President Hinckley considered numerous temple sites, but was unsatisfied with all. “We looked at one after another…I became very discouraged; the sites were so tiny in some respects and the cost of real estate was so high, many millions of dollars for a little piece of ground.” He recalled retiring to bed and awoke with an impression to have the temple built on the site of the mission home and chapel.

Because of the situation of Hong Kong city, the Mormon Temple had to be ‘built up’ instead of ’spreading out’ to build. It is the scarcity of space in that crowded land that contributes to the unique design of the Hong Kong Temple. This six-story building is designed to house, not only the Mormon Temple, but also a chapel, mission offices, and living quarters for the temple president and several missionaries.

The dedication of the Hong Kong Mormon Temple took place on May 26, 1996. Many that attended the Temple Open House were impressed that amid the traffic and confusion of such a busy city, and wherein lives one-fourth of the inhabitants of the earth, there is such peace and tranquility found so easily inside the Mormon Temple. The Hong Kong Temple serves Mormon members from parts of India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Guam, Hong Kong, .Malaysia, Cambodia, Micronesia, Majuro, and Indonesia. arrived to preach the Gospel in 1853. In the 1850’s the missionary effort was unproductive, and the Church made little progress. It was not until 1950, a century later, when eight missionaries were sent back in to Hong Kong to teach. However, they were taken out of the country and relocated because of the Korean War. Missionaries were sent back in to Hong Kong in 1955 and by 1960, there were 91 full-time foreign and 12 full-time local.

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